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“who are you?”
“I’m a you.I’m an another you.We have different body,But we’re the same person.We’re living in the different era,different place.For a long time,we had not met directly.But, I had felt the existing of each other ”
at his long journey’s end, he understood there were a lot of “I”.
Finally, he found the answer of his long year’s question.
But it’s meaning, there is no solution of his problem while his life.
“Ok.I understood .But why we could meet in this time?”
“I think, it’s because it’s almost time to end Our choise is only 2.Go back to nothing or be reborn as the creature of 6th world.”
“But how? we can’t across that green wall.”
“there is one solution.”
“Stop the time, and move the heart faster than the light, then,GATE’ll open.isn’t it?”
“hope so.If we can arrange every worlds “I”‘s heart to same direction,maybe we can beyound the line ”
“what will happen after across the gate?”
“I don’t know.only Got knows.But I think, it’ll not bad..”
“Come back to the real or going to the another real.But for me,both of them are real.”
“But you doesn’t know even your true name.”
“Exactlly.But I had tried to pretend as if I’m feeling happy in this world.I tried to sucsess at business, and i got the lover,too.”
“But they couldn’t answer your question.your feeling of lack of something.”
“yes.But now i found the answer.But this aswer is stupid.”
“Nobody know whether it is stupid or not. But there is a hope.”
“Don’t tell me too much. I know there is no other way.”
“So what will you do?”
“Thinking.but ,yes.there is no other way.”
“ok. let’s come back to our world.let’s come back to the’s time to face to the shadows of yourself.”

Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”
date: 24th May 2009
place: Teatlo do sonyo,kamata,japan
acts: Hatsuden Note

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(VJyou)the opening part of Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”. from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo.

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