Audio Visual | Ray in a certain Shinto-shrine

the people’s wish gather to one large stream.
each person’s wish is a small bright particle.
but from the distance, it looks like a one large ray.

I’m a being what is correcting information for this large light.
the impulse what I had found,
the landscapes what I had seen
the love what I had found
all of my memories will melt away to this large light stream.
I’m a one of the terminal of this large stream
I’m a light what had been gifted as human’s shape.

December 2009
Photo,Video,programming,VFX by VJyou


ray-line_014 ray-line_016 ray-line_019 ray-line_022 ray-line_004 ray-line_012



(VJyou)ray in a certain shinto-shrine from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo.

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