Audio Visual | the tears of the farmer

one怀day, the farmer said to his caws and dogs.
“from today, you ‘re free.I ‘ll leave this town because I need to escape.Good luck”
some dogs returned to the wild.
some dogs pretended as if there are still human because,they were too afraid about the natural.
some caws left the farm.
some caws stayed at the farm and died by the hunger.
the gate were opened.
but they couldn’t face to the real.
they couldn’t accept that “everyday life is not an eternal.”
3 month later, the farmer came back to his farm and found the dead bodies.
How could he told them “I can’t come back ”

music & video : VJyou
27th April 2011





(VJyou)the tears of the farmer from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo.

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