we started LIVE CINEMA project.
Live cinema is the new style projection mapping.
Usually, projection mapping is designed for only CG mapping.but we focus more about story and acting.

Live Cinema”SOMEDAY”is live performance by Lena Kotsuki .As the performance venue is plugged into cinematic world by the collaboration of performance and projection mapping visual.

This live cinema start from the scene of daily talkin of friends.But when Lena tried to join their circle, sudenly they disappeared. Then Lena start travel in the beautiful wanderlands–lake,forest,sea,desert,snow world.But all of these wanderland will disappear in minutes.As each element fades and is replaced,the audience finds itself in a waking dream world.


April 25,26 2014

venue : Banquet house Osaka

Acting : Lena Kotsuki

color collection_crop90.Still005

color collection_crop90.Still006 Lena_SOMEDAY_s2

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